Through the bustle of Manhattans busy streets, down a nondescript hallway and into American Ballet Theaters bright NYC studios, one of the worlds preeminent male dancers, David Hallberg, invites us into his fervid world in this dynamic short by director Eric K. Yue. Its less about the dance or context of a story, but rather a state of mind, says Yue of his glimpse into the dancers tender preparation. David makes the most difficult and complex moves seem effortless and elegant. Contemporary Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds track Brim taken from From Now I am Winter accompanies the progressive movement as Hallberg leaps through the space, twisting and contorting to original choreography created specifically for this film, by friend and fellow ABT dancer Marcelo Gomes. There was no preconceived notion of how a role has been portrayed in the past, like Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty, says Hallberg of performing for the short, which was produced by Forever Pictures. It is really intimate because the camera is so close, whereas at the Met you have to project to an audience hundreds of feet away. Principal dancer at New Yorks American Ballet Theater, the Dakotan bridged the transatlantic gap in a historic milestone as the first American to join Moscows prestigious Bolshoi Ballet in 2011, now spanning the distance as leading man at both. The cultural polymath dominated the pages of Aprils American Vogue, shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz in a dramatic editorial, and he also featured in the latest issue of CR Fashion Book, now seating him firmly in the eye-line of the fashion masses, and dance enthusiasts, alike.