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Daniil Simkin

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Апартаменты Даниила Симкина в Нью-Йорке

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После премьеры "Взбитых сливок"
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Falls the Shadow is a new production featuring Simkin, ABT soloist Cassandra Trenary, and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago's dancers Andrew Murdock and Ana Lopez; choreography by Alejandro Cerrudo; and projection design by Dmitrij Simkin. The performers’ movements will be captured in real time by motion sensors, generating 3-D mapped visuals projected onto the surface of the rotunda to create an immersive experience that merges technology, music, visual art, fashion, and dance.








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Energy and Power: Dancer Daniil Simkin’s Works & Process Performance in the Guggenheim Rotunda
By Caitlin Dover
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That quote from science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke is among Daniil Simkin’s favorites, and it stands to reason. The dancer, a principal with American Ballet Theatre (ABT), has developed a genre of choreography reframed by technology, to magical effect.
On Monday, September 4 and Tuesday, September 5, Works & Process, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim, will present Simkin’s approach to the museum with “Daniil Simkin: Falls the Shadow,” a site-specific performance in Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic rotunda. The audience will watch from the ramps as Simkin and ABT soloist Cassandra Trenary, along with Hubbard Street dancer Ana Lopez and dancer Brett Conway, perform on the rotunda floor. Their movement will generate video imagery that streams over and around them. “The rotunda becomes almost like a player itself,” says Simkin. “It becomes a living, breathing environment—an integral part of the dance piece.”
As Simkin notes, dance is normally seen “through the ‘fourth wall’ in a black box theater, from the front”; the choreography for this piece, as conceived by Alejandro Cerrudo, is meant to be seen through what Simkin calls the “fifth wall, from above.” He explains that the floor of the rotunda will be covered with infrared light; the dancers on the floor will create 2-D infrared images that will be picked up by a camera with an infrared filter. The image is processed by a computer, and the output, generated sixty times per second, will create the visual effects that, as Simkin puts it, “engulf” the audience.
Rehearsal for "Daniil Simkin: Falls the Shadow" at the Guggenheim. Photo: TKTK

Beyond dazzling those who attend this mold-breaking performance, Simkin sees the technology as simply another way—if a new one—to shape his art: “The video projection creates another layer to dance, just as a beautiful dress creates another layer to dance.” Speaking of costumes, thanks to a collaboration with Dior, the performance will feature some eye-catching ones: skin-tight, ankle-length bodysuits with subtle patterns. There were technical specifications that the costumes had to fulfill, given the unusual nature of Simkin’s project. “Not all materials look the same in infrared,” he explains. Thus the fabric had to be selected with an eye to its appearance in those special circumstances.
Dior's designs for the "Falls the Shadow" costumes. Photo: Sophie Carre

As a whole, “Falls the Shadow” is an ambitious undertaking, not least because of its site-specificity. So, why does Simkin want to stage a dance within the Wright spiral? First of all, he says, “The Guggenheim is very much what I like—a contemporary museum with an edge.” More than that, though, he is interested in the way both dancers and audience will respond to the building. “Your mind works differently when you’re in that space. Even if you close your eyes . . . there are all these different elements that affect you. It has a certain energy and power to it.”
Visit our calendar to learn more about “Daniil Simkin: Falls the Shadow” and to purchase tickets.



Works & Process Rotunda Project: Daniil Simkin: Falls the Shadow



Со следующего сезона Даниил Симкин - премьер Берлинского гос. балета.



Какое счастье! Берлин недалеко для всех))) можно надеяться на большее количество видео) да и самой приехать на денек  вполне реально))) как здорово, что нашёлся мудрый руководитель, что решил подстроить труппу под талант Даниила. Как жаль, что еще целый год ждать...



Вот такого Симкина и увидим в Берлине. Это их с Вальц и объединяет. Плюс немецкий - второй родной язык Симкина.

Falls The Shadow



INTENSIO was produced 2015 by The Joyce Theater , Sunny Artist Management and Daniil Simkin.
Dancers: Celine Cassone, Isabella Boylston, Hee Seo, Cassandra Trenary, Daniil Simkin, James Whiteside, Calvin Royall III, Blaine Hoven, Alexandre Hammoudi.



Works & Process Rotunda Project: Daniil Simkin: Falls the Shadow



Расписание выступлений

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Передача o Данииле Симкине

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Раз Даниил теперь будет постоянно в Берлине, есть шанс его увидеть если не сейчас, в ноябре или декабре, то потом.